United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary (UAPSA) was established in 1989 as an arm and junior partner of United Architects of the Philippines (UAP - IAPOA), the integrated and accredited professional organization of architects in the Philippines. Its purpose is to motivate and install discipline among architectural students and to propagate the goals and aspirations of all architects.

Jesus M. Reyes, then Vice Dean of College of Architecture and 1989 President of UAP-SC, Silangan Chapter, organized the first official UAPSA with 24 students at the Central Colleges of the Philippines (CCP) with a UAP Certificate of recognition dated November 18, 1989. It was before a sub-committee under the membership committee of UAP, until in 1990 when the organization's policy on student's auxiliary was fully implemented, more UAPSA was organized in various colleges and universities and today it is recognized nationwide.

Today, UAPSA is an organization known to cater Architecture students, organize seminars, events and activities to empower them. With members from up to 70 different schools all over the Philippines, it is affiliated with over six thousand six hundred members.


In order to project the value and the importance of the role of the Architecture student in nation building and public service, the UAPSA has adopted the following objectives:
1. To provide favorable opportunities for the students to participate in the culturally and academically useful and enriching experiences;
2. To stimulate student interest, awareness and understanding of the duties and responsibilities of the architectural profession and imbibe them with desirable motivations and correct values in pursuance to the established professional standards of ethics;
3. To formulate and adopt policies, measures and programs with the view of broadening the knowledge and learning skills of the students;
4. To foster goodwill and closer cooperative relationship between the students in different schools and between the students and the architects, as well as members of the allied professions and the industry; and
5. To prepare the students for more responsible and productive role in the society and to provide them the necessary off-campus training relevant to the world of work.

Corporate Theme

This year, the United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary steps forth and declares a statement of unity: a statement of connection that breaks boundaries and promotes the oneness of a country cast in the sinister abodes of quandary. Through alliance and enterprise, we build a pillar of potency that does not discount differences in creating relations, but uses it as an opportune dynamic in its future partnerships.

With this endeavor strikes an advocacy of global proportions. Biased on the sanctuary of the environment, we come together and promote a continuous verve of sustainability amidst effluence and toxicity. Despite the rampant coverage of filth and disorder on our globe, we concern ourselves with eradicate such a lifestyle, fearless and unstained.

Together with the bonds, with the thrust, and the blessing of Mother Earth, we pursue a stature of magnified proportions, We collaborate. Together, we race to the challenge as we direct our efforts in Conglomerating the Nation through Creative Diversity: Going Green, Soaring High, Standing Strong.

Green Advocacy

That the earth is deteriorating is already public knowledge. Sadly, however, it is the same public that does little to help avert the environmental degradation that threatens to consume the earth. Climate change, pollution, congestion and what have you are some of the things that conspicuously present themselves as threats to humanity and so, we, human beings are but responsible for solving the problems that we created in the first place. Our carelessness and apathy swell up to hit us back, potentially worsening any disaster that may strike us. In response, a radical shift is imperative. Embracing a more sustainable lifestyle holds the grand key and this involves everyone, including architects and architecture students alike.

For Filipino architecture students, contributing to the mitigation of environmental problems could mean designing with sustainability and renewability in mind. This is not by any means wrong provided it is understood well and is an outcome of a more prudent thinking, as opposed to designing out of trend. But more importantly, it is ideal that sustainability be embraced as part of the individual’s lifestyle. Any advocacy should be an overflow of one’s personal values, hence promoting green practices is nothing short of hypocrisy if the promoter himself lives an unsustainable lifestyle. This project then prompts everyone to take baby steps to a greener lifestyle or simply put, to walk the talk. Together, the architecture students shall create a potent stream of sustainable energy that has the promise of positively influencing the society at large.

A tripartite series of events shall take place under this project: the “I THINK,” “I LIVE,” and “I AM,” all of which are oriented towards GREEN. The “I THINK” events pertain to the creation of ideas regarding the adaptation of sustainable and green design as the forefront to solving global challenges. This shall include concerts and talks that shall help create awareness to architecture students. The “I LIVE” events are more of the campaign for the actual ‘greenification’ of one’s lifestyle and this shall include fun runs, sports fest, tours, and physical applications of sustainable theories and strategies, hence creating a tangible grasp of the advocacy. Lastly, the “I AM” events shall tackle the personal growth and development from the adaptation of mental and physical sustainability. It is a celebration of the student-architects’ integration to the green world, where each of them can gladly claim to be a worthy citizen.

1. To unite the Filipino architecture students in taking small steps in local account that collectively make a big contribution to overcoming global challenges.
2. To promote green/sustainable habits towards a better future of the Philippines.
3. To promote the use of environmental awareness strategies in designs and in everyday life.
4. To create ties with local and international related organizations and with the government agencies to strengthen the foundation of the advocacy and the organization as well.

the duly recognized student organization of the united architects of the philippines
under the supervision of the united architects of the philippines